The City possesses 650 all kinds of schools, among which 1 general college, 1 TV University, technical schools and vocational schools and 550 primary schools, besides are 480 kindergartens. The number of professional teachers of all kinds of schools including kindergartens is 20,268. From preschool education, basic education, vocational education, higher education to lifelong adult education, a comparative integrated and harmonious educational system has been basically set up. Senior high school education has been popularized since the year 1995. In 2001, the Citys infants kindergarten attendance rate was 93.5%, Children of school ages school attendance rate 100%, and the proportion of primary pupils entering middle-schools was up to 99%, that of middle-schools students entering senior high schools up to 90.50% This year, in every ten thousand permanent residents, there were 183.5 general middle-school students entered university 231.6 university students at school, which occupied the leading place in the whole province. The school attendance rate of higher education of population of the same age was 26.2%. Dongguan has realized the goal of the struggles of the province and country 10 years ahead of time.