The main water supply works consist of the Dong-shen Water Supply Works, Dongjiang River Channeling Works and other waterworks situated in the towns

Dong-shen Water Supply Works, put up by the state, mainly supply water to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and those towns nearby. Presently the annual water supply volume is 1.743 billion steres, among which 110 million to Hong Kong. When the proceeding 4th expansion project has completed, the annual water supply volume will be reached 210 million steres.

Dongjiang River Channeling Works, with the length 83 km, is a large-size channeling work built up by the City itself. Its vital function is one hand to drain out the backwater, on the other hand to conduct the fresh water of the Dongjiang River into the nearby field and those salted areas for irrigation, providing fresh water for industrial, agricultural and living use to the 14 towns along the line.

Currently tap water is 98.6% popularized in the villages. For further improvement of the supplied water quality, the government has undergone successively the construction of the Midwest Water Supply Work, the East Water Supply Work and the Water Township Area Water Supply Work. The Supply capacity will exceed 2 million m3  per day after all the works have been finished. Todays Dongguan has built up 3 modern large-scale waterworks, has set up 250 km water supply network. The supply scale is on the top 3 only behind Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The Citys water supply volume is 2.82 million mper day; residents in most area of the City have now pure tap water to use and drink.